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[Video] Zombie Trash the Dress

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Nothing says “I love you,” like a Zombie ridden honeymoon, with heads exploding, and body parts dragging…right? Well, it does for our married couple Alex and Bill McCoy. Professional make-up artists by day, and Zombie hunters by night, this couple has an affinity for the supernatural. After spending their early married years as lead makeup artists for Europa parks Horror Nights, the couple wanted to make their “Trash the Dress” session even more memorable than ever. With the help of our inspired and talented couple, friends and volunteers, we were able to create this amazing rendition of the walking dead—breathing new “life” into the phrase “Till death do us part.”

We were approached by Rich Johnson of RJ + CJ Studios to partner with a Trash the Dress session.

Thank you to Rich Johnson & his wife Caressa for the concept and all the talent. Also to the beautiful Bride Alex McCoy and Groom Bill McCoy.

Andy Howard, Luandra Whitehurst, Krystine Lopez, Kellie Murphy, Matt Chiriboga
Guns: Collin Courghenour
Behind the scenes: David O’Connell

Thank you to Eric Fabra for all the post help and the looong night! (honorable mention to Andrew Boyd with zombie voice foley)
Shot on the 5D M2 with cranes, sliders, rigs and a beautiful sunset.
Music: Hugo Steurer – 99 problems

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